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6 long drink glasses 370ml iceberg water glasses juice glasses cocktail glasses drinking glasses

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  • Refreshing enjoyment with style: Immerse yourself in the world of refreshing drinks with our exclusive set of 6 glacier textured highball glasses. These glasses not only add a touch of elegance to your favorite drinks, but also offer a unique grip thanks to the artfully designed glacier texture
  • Generous volume for moments of enjoyment: With an impressive volume of approximately 370 ml, these long drink glasses are perfectly sized to present your favorite cocktail, iced tea or other refreshing drinks in style. The height of approximately 15.5 cm and the diameter of approximately 7.5 cm make it an ideal choice for various occasions
  • Unique design for special occasions: The glacier texture gives each glass a unique aesthetic that stands out from the crowd. Whether for social evenings with friends, barbecue parties in the garden or festive occasions - these long drink glasses skilfully showcase your drinks and give every occasion a special touch
  • High quality material for brilliance: Made from high-quality glass, these long drink glasses not only impress with their brilliance and clarity, but are also extremely durable. The robust material allows you to enjoy your drinks to the fullest without sacrificing elegance and quality
  • Effortless cleaning for more comfort: Enjoy not only refreshing drinks, but also uncomplicated care. These long drink glasses are dishwasher safe, which gives you more time for what's important - relaxing moments of enjoyment. Order now and take your drinking experience to a new level with this exclusive set