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Metal bread basket with fabric bag, bread basket, pastry bowl, fruit basket

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  • High quality metal design: This bread basket is made of high quality metal, which is not only sturdy and durable but also brings a modern and elegant touch to your kitchen. The construction ensures stability and longevity
  • Generous size and height: With a diameter of 23 cm and a height of 9 cm, this basket offers enough space for a generous amount of baked goods and other delicacies. Present your food stylishly and attractively
  • Practical, extendable fabric bag: The included fabric bag is extendable and allows for flexible presentation of your baked goods. Not only does it provide an attractive display, but it also provides additional protection for the bread or rolls to preserve their freshness
  • Versatile uses: Use this basket not only for bread and rolls, but also for pastries, fruit, vegetables and other treats. It is perfect for everyday use or special occasions
  • Easy-care: The bread basket is easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it in perfect condition. The fabric bag can be gently hand washed as needed
  • Stylish and flexible kitchen presentation: Add an elegant touch to your kitchen or dining table with this metal bread basket and pull-out fabric bag. Present your baked goods and fruits in style and flexibly adjust the size of the bag to suit your needs. Make every meal a visual delight and keep an eye on the freshness of your treats