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3 tier cake stand made of slate with wooden trunk, cake plate, cake stand, serving stand

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  • With a height of approximately 32 cm, this cake stand rises majestically to bring the beauty and uniqueness of nature into your home. The three slate slabs that form the etagere's platforms exude a natural, shimmering splendor that seems to come from the earth itself. The diameters of the slate slabs are perfectly graduated, with Ø approx. 30 cm for the lowest one, Ø approx. 25 cm for the middle one and Ø approx. 20 cm for the top slab
  • The combination of the earthy shine of the slate and the warmth of the log creates a symbiosis of textures that captivates the eye and appeals to the senses. The wooden trunk, carefully selected and processed, serves as a solid central support and gives the cake stand a natural stability
  • The etagere serves as a versatile stage for your creativity. Use them to showcase culinary delights at a special occasion, from delicate canapés to elegant desserts. Or let your artistic side run wild and create a decorative arrangement of candles, flowers or other small treasures that you love. The dimensions of the platforms offer enough space for your inspiration
  • Our 3-tier slate etagere with a wooden trunk is not only an eye-catcher, but also a symbol of craftsmanship and closeness to nature. Every corner and every edge was designed with attention to detail to create a harmonious unity between slate and wood. It is the perfect gift for people who appreciate the beauty of nature and are looking for a touch of rustic elegance in their life
  • Bring your decoration ideas to life and let this cake stand become a central element in your home. Bring the timeless beauty of nature into your interior and enjoy the admiring looks of your guests as they marvel at the artistic combination of slate and wood