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Dish drainer with drip tray, dish rack, dish drainer

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  • High quality aluminum: This dish rack is made of high quality aluminum, which is not only durable but also brings a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. It is sturdy enough to hold your dishes securely while being light enough to be positioned flexibly. The drip tray, also made of high-quality plastic, efficiently catches dripping water and keeps your work surfaces dry and clean. This means less effort when cleaning and drying your dishes
  • Cutlery holder for optimal organization: Our dish drainer features a special cutlery holder that keeps your knives, forks and spoons organized and easily accessible. No more misplaced or mixed-up cutlery
  • Non-slip rubber feet: The rubber feet on the bottom of the frame not only prevent it from slipping on your worktop, but also protect it from unwanted scratches and damage
  • Space-saving design: With dimensions of 43 x 32 x 14 cm, this dish drainer offers enough space for plates, cups, glasses and cutlery without taking up valuable work space in your kitchen
  • Easy care and maintenance: Cleaning this dish rack is a breeze. Simply wipe or rinse and it's ready to use again