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Compost bin with activated carbon filter, compost bin, rubbish bin, waste bin

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  • Compost bucket: Our compost bin made of high-quality metal is the perfect solution for odor-free and sustainable composting. The integrated activated carbon filter effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors so that you can collect your organic waste comfortably and odor-free. With a generous capacity of approx. 4 liters and dimensions of approx. 15x22.5 cm, this bucket is the ideal addition to your kitchen
  • Activated carbon filter for odor-free disposal: The activated carbon filter built into the lid absorbs unpleasant odors and ensures that your compost bin always remains fresh and odor-free. Enjoy hygienic waste disposal without having to worry about annoying smells
  • Ventilation holes for optimal compost climate: The intelligently placed ventilation holes in the lid prevent fermentation processes by ensuring a continuous exchange of air. The odorless air can escape while harmful gases remain trapped. This creates an optimal compost climate and promotes sustainable decomposition
  • Space-saving and robust design: With a size of approximately 15x22.5 cm, this compost bin fits effortlessly into any kitchen without taking up valuable space. The robust metal material ensures a long service life and is easy to care for and clean
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: This compost bin is not only a practical kitchen accessory, but also a contribution to sustainability. Dispose of your organic waste in an environmentally conscious manner and actively support the composting process. Get this high-quality compost bin now and experience an odor-free and environmentally friendly way of disposing of waste in your kitchen