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Kitchen spoon holder with porcelain bowl and wooden spoon, cooking spoon rest, cooking spoon stand

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  • The 3-piece set of metal cooking spoon stands with porcelain bowls and wooden spoons is the perfect combination of functionality and elegance for your kitchen. This set offers practical solutions for storing your cooking utensils while adding a touch of style to your cooking environment. Total dimensions: 28x10 cm, bowl: 10x2.5cm, wooden spoon: 26x8cm
  • The metal cooking spoon stand is made of high quality and durable material. It provides a sturdy base to neatly organize your wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles and keep them within easy reach. The modern design of the metal fits seamlessly into various kitchen furnishings and ensures a tidy work surface
  • The porcelain bowl is a visual highlight of the set. The shelf can also be used for many other kitchen utensils such as spatulas, soup ladles, spoons or whisks while cooking. The bowl adds a subtle elegance while offering practical utility
  • The wooden spoons, which are also included in the set, complement the ensemble perfectly. These spoons are not only comfortable to use, but also gentle on your cookware surfaces. They are versatile and ideal for stirring, tasting and serving your culinary creations
  • The 3-piece set is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a smart and stylish way to organize their kitchen utensils. With this set you can simultaneously organize and enhance your kitchen while having practical tools for cooking and preparing meals at hand